The good fight. The fight of faith. But there’s something I can’t wrap around my brain to explain. How can a great measure of faith, at times feel held back by a chain. I’m breaking through, though its not what it feels. Although faith leads me to escape, It’s not easy as I refuse to […]


Dead Come To Life

You said it was finished. You bowed Your head and gave up Your spirit. Your clothes stripped, we even have the nerve to spit. Hypocrite after hypocrite after hypocrite. But the curtain ripped, the earth shook, and then rocks split. I commit, I submit. You don’t omit me for being unfit. In your eyes I’m […]

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Around and around and around — It moves around you. It moves faster than you. Life is a different pace than that you walk at. You walk at My pace. As I guide you forward, the mess does not touch you — it just encircles you. You can see it, and it appears worse because […]

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Let go. Unlatch. Be still. Listen. 
The quiet is the gentle tone of Me. The stillness is My loudness. Child what are you doing? It’s too much. You’re carrying too much. Let peace steer. Your ship will shipwreck if you don’t. I will guide your sails. I will be the compass. I’m your direction. I […]

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Fill me with humility and be loud in me. Be profound in me, show me how to be. Insecurity isn’t me when You’re alive in me. I give myself completely because this is for Your glory. Fill me with humility and be loud in me. This isn’t about me. I put an end to me, […]



My heart — save it. My mind — invade it. Myself— help me escape. You’re a welcomed invasion. Finish my equations. Let them equal Your answers – You are my answer. So set my standard. I surrender, put my disaster together. Perfection in love is what I’m after. My heart — save it. My mind […]

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  I’m at war. I hear the waves hitting the shore. Luring to pull me… ..To trap me. ..To drown me. ….Down on the bottom of the ocean floor. It roars. I look up watching the birds soar. I’m at war. I’m at war and I stopped keeping score. … This isn’t what I asked […]


The Fire Within

There’s a fire within me no wind can blow out. Rainfall can’t put it down. The water will drown me. The gusts will push me down. But the fire within me can’t be put out. My fire is loud. It burns with no doubt. Fire is my voice. The fire is my choice. Sitting in […]

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I Wait.

Sitting in a small space, Confined. Seeking for answers still undefined. ..or am I just blind. I’m sitting on the floor, behind a door, in a certain state of mind. Confined. Reading words that are alive attempting to remind my mind. In a small space, Confined. Candle lit, here I sit. I cry out. I […]

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